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Jonathan Beckett


“I am buying a personal yacht. Tim has been absolutely amazing in helping us research the market to find the optimum boat.”

“I own the all services yachting company - BURGESS.

I am aware that our new build team have used Tim Fleming many times to help source the perfect tender (often with complicated specification or unusual requirements and/or dimensions) for one of our Superyachts. Our new build team sing Tim's praises for his font of knowledge and willingness to help."

"I have personally just had the pleasure of using Tim Fleming's services. I am buying a personal yacht (a sailing yacht) and have  very requirements for a tender- size, weight, speed, people carrying capability, watersports, etc. This is the only Tender that we will carry. Tim has been absolutely amazing in helping us research the market to find the optimum boat. I am totally impressed with Tim's knowledge and ability to perform and I would recommend Tim's services wholeheartedly .”

- Jonathan Beckett

Custom Tenders
How to get your perfect tender in 7 steps
Suppliers of extremely versatile tenders to the world’s largest explorer yachts. With decades of experience in designing and building military and commercial craft, we are keenly aware of the demands of the most discerning captains and chief engineers. We build reliability and traceability into every one of our yacht tenders. Our ability to obtain SOLAS classication for large adventure RIBS and even sport fishing craft has proven to be valuable to owners looking for maximum versatility from their tenders. Company owner Tim Fleming has over 28 years experience in this very specialised part of the industry.

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