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Superyachts have a need for a 24/7 contact to help support their tenders. We have been providing this service for over 10 years. Nothing is too much trouble for us to support our clients. Captains and crews as well as Yacht Managers often refer their friends and colleagues to us in times of need, often dire needs!

Spare Parts and Accessories

While we understand the excellent service that specialised Yacht Spares companies offer their clients, we are often asked to use our 40 years of expeience in the yacht tender Industry to track down a specific or custom made part in a hurry. Or to answer a call on a weekend so that the wheels can be set in motion to provide a solution without delay. Try us. See the contact information at the bottom of this page.


We have undertaken repowering projects for our clients and managed the removal/installation of engines globally on behalf of the yacht. We have specific knowledge of SOLAS repowering where a Notified Body or Class often needs to be involved in the process.

Rebuilding and Repairs

Where owners and crews have evolved their use beyond the capabilities of the tender or rescue boat, a refit may make more economical sense than purchasing a new craft. We have managed hull extensions to support increased engine weight and payload. We have added buoyancy and stuctures to inflatable tubes to protect crew and passengers for spray. We do refits and repairs in overseas yards where the yacht is stationed or transported the tenders to our service facilities in Holland, where we can do just about everything.


We always have rescue craft for rentals in the event you need a rapid temporary replacement to get you on your way.

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information on the 8.5m Dieseljet yacht tender

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information on the 7m aluminum bow ramp tender

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information on the Hull, deck and collar product only (7.10 RIB)

Inventory of New and Used Craft

We believe that our clients need access to  craft immediately, whether new or used, so we do maintain an inventory of SOLAS rescue boats, tenders and Zodiac inflatables.

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7m aluminum bow ramp tender available as hull and collar only